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We are operating a mix of telephone and face to face appointments. Please speak to the receptionist for current information. Availability may vary due to sickness or annual leave.  If you would like to have an appointment, please ring as early as you can as appointments book up quickly. Ideally ring around 8am. If this is not possible, please ask the receptionist for alternatives or a prebookable appointment.


To be seen in the morning clinic, you should ring on the day at 8am to check availability and book a time slot)
Mon: Saadian/Clark/Wong/Registrars
Tues: Saadian/Clark/Wong/Registrars
Wed: Saadian/Wong/Gerrard/Registrars
Thurs: Cheetham/Saadian/Azie/Gerrard/Registrars
Fri: Cheetham/Saadian/Azie/Gerrard/Registrars

Morning slots are booked on the day by ringing in or calling at reception at 8am. All available staff are answering telephones at this time, so if you are held in the queue please be patient and your call will be answered in the order it was received.

Afternoons (by appointment)

Mon: Saadian/Clark/Wong/Registrars
Tues: Saadian/Clark/Wong/Registrars (Dr Clark teaching)
Wed: Cheetham/Saadian/Azie/Gerrard/Registrars
Thurs: Cheetham/Saadian/Azie/Gerrard/Registrars
Fri: Saadian/Azie/Registrars (Dr Cheetham teaching)
Arrangements may vary at times due to holidays or sickness.

Afternoons and Evenings are by appointment only and we have a range of options, including workers appointments, some slots can be booked on the day and some are prebookable in advance. We have a late access clinic for patients who cannot attend in the normal surgery hours. If you have a chat with the reception team, they will be able to work out a suitable appointment with you.

Evening and weekend appointments now available

Patients who are registered at this practice can now book an appointment to see a GP or nurse on weekday evenings (after 6.30pm) or at the weekends (on Saturday and Sunday). Appointments will either take place at this practice or at another NHS setting nearby. Talk to the practice receptionist to find out more or book an appointment.

We offer late appointments through the primary care hub. You can access these late appointments by ringing the usual surgery number.

Doctor availability and times vary – please telephone first.

Nursing Clinics are by appointment only.


In February 2017 we participated in an audit with NHS England which showed that  at least 20-30% of OUR practice GP appointments are inappropriate and should have been dealt with by our trained receptionists, nurse prescribers or through a pharmacy.

This is 20-30% of patients who turned up to see the doctors and does not include the large numbers of patients who book an appointment and then fail to turn up without cancelling, leading to longer waits for patients who genuinely need to be seen.

It is well publicised that primary care and hospitals are under mounting pressure and wish to provide the best quality of care within the resource available. We need to take measures to ensure that GP appointments are not wasted on matters that should have been dealt with by other means, such as simple self care for minor illness.

We have trained our staff to signpost you to the most appropriate appointment. This is known as access triage.  This helps us ensure patients are seen in order of urgency, or by the most appropriate person.

Under the instruction of the doctors, our staff will ask you for very brief information about your request for an appointment so that you are seen at the right time, by the right person. All of our staff work under strict rules of patient confidentiality and under the direction of the doctors. Our staff are not being “nosey”, or working outside of their remit. They are fully trained members of the primary health care team and wish to help you.

We do not process repeat prescriptions during clinical appointments, so please make sure you order your prescription in plenty of time, via reception or on line.

We will be contacting our patients who fail to attend for booked appointments.

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