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Asthma & Chest Clinics
Clinics are run by the practice nurse.  Appointments are necessary.

Baby Clinic
Child vaccinations and developmental reviews are held by appointment. Please contact reception.

Cervical Smears: 
Appointments are necessary.  It’s recommend that all ladies aged 25 – 50 have a smear every three years, or more frequently if advised by your doctor. Ladies aged 50 – 64 should have a smear every five years. Ladies under 25 are not advised to have a smear test routinely. If you have any symptoms that worry you then please speak to the doctor or one of the practice nurses.

Diabetic Clinic Clinic
Run by the practice nurse to improve diabetic health and decrease the need for hospital clinic visits. Appointments are necessary.

Flu & Pneumonia Vaccination Clinics
Immunisations against flu are offered to patients with asthma, chronic pulmonary disease, diabetes, heart disease, compromised immunity, splenectomy and to all housebound patients and those aged over 65. The clinics are normally held in October. Please remember to book an appointment if you are eligible.

It is advised that  all patients aged over 70 and those with compromised immunity or history of splenectomy should be immunised against pneumonia. Please speak to the doctor or practice nurse about this.

Antenatal: Thursday
Run by the team of midwives, by appointment only.

Minor Surgery
Therapeutic injections for certain joint problems may be available. Please speak to the GP for more information

Smoking Cessation
We strongly advise all patients who smoke to quit. Please contact reception for details of local free smoking support clinics who can help you stop smoking.

Weight management

We can refer patients to local  or online weight management services.