Cavendish Medical Centre

Birkenhead Medical Building, 31 Laird Street, Birkenhead, CH41 8DB

Telephone: 0151 652 1955

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Welcome to Cavendish Medical Centre

Cavendish Medical Centre is situated in the community of Birkenhead on Laird Street. Our Practice list is open to new patients wishing to register within our catchment area of Birkenhead.


Aims and objectives

Cavendish Medical Centre aims to provide a high standard of comprehensive medical care, and try to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The Practice is always looking for ways to improve its services and would welcome your suggestions. Being an accredited training Practice brings us lots of fresh ideas and keeps the Practice up to date and forward thinking.


History of the Practice

The Practice came in to being in 1913 in premises on Park Road North, Birkenhead, long before the creation of the NHS. The Practice was formed by Dr Owens and his then partner Dr Evans. Dr Owens died in 1936 and the Practice was bought by Dr James McGill and Dr Thomas. During the war years, the Practice was looked after by Dr Walsh. Dr James McGill was joined in the Practice by Dr Paddy McGill in 1947.

Dr James McGill died in 1964, at which point Dr Bob Ievers joined the Practice.

At that time, the Practice served 13,000 patients on the ‘panel’. In those days, it was not uncommon for the doctors to undertake 28 home births every month. The population of the area dropped with the development of housing estates at Noctorum, Woodchurch, Overchurch, and Ford.

Since the death of Dr Thomas in 1984, there have been various changes in the Partnership.

Dr Vaillant joined the Practice in 1984. Dr Melville joined the Practice in 1989 when Dr Paddy McGill retired. In 1990, Dr Ievers died and Dr Charles Walker joined the Practice, leaving in 2001 to be replaced by Dr Martin, and later by Dr Davies. Dr Vaillant retired in April 2006 after 22 years as senior partner. Dr Melville became the senior partner in 2006 on the retirement of Dr Vaillant, herself retiring at the end of March 2016. Dr Davies took over the role of senior partner in 2016, retiring from the Practice at the end of April 2018.

Our Practice manager, Joyce Hathaway, joined the team in 1992.

The present partnership comprises Dr Cheetham, Dr Clark, and Dr Saadian.

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