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Wirral Care Record

Wirral Care Record

Whats Happening

The Wirral Care Record is a single digital confidential care record for Wirral residents.

It will help health care professionals make sure that everyone in Wirral gets the best care possible.

Everyone in Wirral will have a Care Record. Health and Social care professionals will be able to access it securely through an encrypted connection on their NHS or Council IT equipment, 24 hours a day.

In September 2016, it was launched with information shared between your GP surgery* and Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

By Spring 2017, the record will also contain information shared by Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust , and Wirral Council (Adult Social Services and Children and Young People’s Services.

Anyone can opt out at anytime.

*If your GP surgery has signed the information sharing agreement. You can check if yours has online at or by calling 0151 541 5440.

Why is  it being introduced

At the moment, all the different care providers in Wirral keep their own records about you, very often on paper.

This can be frustrating for you, as it might mean you have to tell the same story about your condition several times depending on who is caring for you.

It can also be frustrating for a care professional, as they may have to wait for your records to be sent by post or fax from another organisation, before making a decision about what is best for your care.

Having your up to date information securely available to everyone caring for you at the touch of a button will mean:

  • less chance of any of your information being duplicated or lost
  • fewer delays in getting the right treatment for you
  • a much better, and more supportive, experience for you as a patient

In other words, it will help us to provide safer, faster and better care for everyone in Wirral.

How will it work

Your care record can only be seen by a care professional directly involved in your care, and no one else.

The system logs everyone who looks at a record, including the time and date of access and what information was viewed.

Your care record will not be shared with anyone outside of the NHS in Wirral or Wirral Council without your permission. It will not be made available to insurance companies, drug companies or third parties; or be used for advertising purposes.

The data held within the Wirral Care Record is hosted in the UK, so it’s subject to the Data Protection Act (1998), meaning you can be totally confident that your information is secure.

Your information is updated every 24 hours automatically and you will be able to request access to the information held about you in the Wirral Care Record (as you can now with your medical records) as well as information into who has accessed it.

Find out more

For more detailed information about the Wirral Care Record, and how it will benefit patients:

  • Visit and download a list of “Frequently Asked Questions”
  • Call 0151 541 5440 and request a copy of the “Frequently Asked Questions” to be posted to you

How to opt out

If, having read this leaflet, you still fell you’d prefer to opt out of the Wirral Care Record; this is very easy to do:

  • Visit and submit an opt out request
  • Call 0151 541 5440 and ask to be opted out

You can opt in again at any time, by calling the number above or submitting an “Opt in” request at

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